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Template design:
If you are looking for a successful business opportunity for your company, you must have a strong online presence. And we, at Digitized Ecommerce, help you to achieve this. We use graphics editing application software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and Dreamweaver to create high quality graphics for the website pages. The graphics and pages that we create become JPG, PSD and PNG file based web-templates. Our templates help you to create your own website and get fast and tested results. Our readily available templates can save a lot of your time and offer you a hassle free installation and setup. You can develop your site as you may please, with our easily to download and free to access templates. It will help you to stay within budget.With years of experience and skill, we have managed to add a key feature in all of our templates that they are easily customizable to suit specific business requirements. We add a professional touch to your business website, through our template designing.
HTML Coding & Responsive:
We create pages for website with Hyper Text MarkUp Language or HTML. This is the language that helps us create high quality graphics, objects and images, using the HTML codes. At our company Digitized Ecommerce, we make sure that your website receives a proper functionality and shape through the embedded HTML elements in your website code structure. In making the website accessible and navigable through mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tabs along with the traditional desktops, we add a great responsiveness to your website. We make your website compatible with any hardware system, so that yourviewers get to access your site and browse through the pages for getting information. Make sure that you attract more traffic to your site by making the graphics more impressive and by making your site more responsive. Hire our skilled HTML coders for your peace of mind.
PHP Development:
Hire us at Digitized Ecommerce as your web development company, for a completely editable website with the help of PHP. We use this programming language as it is an open-source, easy to learn, easy to install and moreover, absolutely free. This is the most widely used programming language that is being installed to almost any and every website because of its ease. If you want to integrate the web-based applications to your sites, without any hindrance, you must hire our PHP developers. We have a wide range of services available for us, so that your website receives its professional touch.
Open Source CMS Customization:
Content Management System or CMS is the best way to publish, edit and modify the content of your website.With the onset of online marketing, the importance of fresh content and regular updates is not unknown. We use different CMS options that can be easy for you to use.
WordPress: Based on MYSQL and PHP programming languages, this is the most popular and easiest to use CMS and blogging tool. This open source CMS does not require any licensing and is accessible for free. The additional feature of Plugin architecture makes this CMS so popular.
Magento: Developed by a company named Varien in the year 2008, this ecommerce CMS is extremely useful for developing ecommerce sites and content for them.
Joomla: If you are looking for an easy to use and free, open source CMS to create and update content, there is nothing better than Joomla. This is most widely used for developing and controlling social networking sites and its content.
Drupal: This CMS is also written in the simple scripting language of PHP and offers a great CMS framework. For managing the already posted content in your site, Drupal works best.
At Digitized Ecommerce, we are a team of highly skilled and experienced web designers and web developers. With dedication and professionalism, we create, build and improve website and its functionality. And in doing so, we use the best technologies and open source CMSs.
E Commerce Application Development:
For an increased business opportunity, there is nothing more important than creating an ecommerce site. And to create a free flowing and interactive ecommerce site that will connect potential buyers with your site, we help you in every possible way. No matter how big or small the size of your ecommerce website may be; we have a solution for you. From adding shopping cart software to other great features of presenting high-tech software solutions, we ensure that your ecommerce site looks attractive and is convincingly engaging to buyers. Our team of skilled developers have the experience to work in this field for years. It is our experience to work with and for various business owners that has sharpened our skill to be able to assist you in coming up with great ecommerce website design ideas that will suit your business. We work hard to give your site a professional look and cater to all of your needs.
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We, at Digitized Ecommerce, use latest technologies to create PHP based sites. The technologies that we use in our web development services are
Open Source PHP
Core PHP
Cake PHP
MVC Framework
Ecommerce CMS
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