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Who we are

To put it in simple words, we are an established SEO company in India that aims to give you the best results on your initial investment. Yeah Yeah! We know this claim is made by thousands of other SEO firms in India, so what makes us any different from them? We are not confined to organic SEO and we are determined to make the best of your digital marketing campaign to give you a good Return on Investment. And that is where we are different from others. While many SEO companies in India focus only on bringing your website to the top of Google result pages, we aim to optimize conversion rates and increase number of sales with our efficient and advanced digital marketing strategies.

What we do?

Digital India is on the rise and you can be assured of one thing-Things are really going to change this time. When it comes to evolution, we always tend to evolve into something better and the Internet marketing strategies are going in the same direction. Being in this industry for quite a while, we have grasped the concept of digital revolution in a way that will ensure you better visibility, maximum traffic and an increased conversion rate. Our services encompass the complete spectrum of digital marketing that includes, website design, development, Search Engine optimization and marketing, Social Media and Content marketing. Want to know more details? Keep scrolling then.

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Our Services

  • Web design Services

    Google’s Mobilegeddon has fallen like a nuclear bomb on all website owners who did not care enough to make their sites responsive for mobile devices...

  • Web development

    PHP, Cake PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Ruby, name one programming language that we are not experienced in.PHP, Cake PHP, JavaScript...

  • Search Engine Optimization

    The basic concept of Search engine Optimization is unclear to many. Some thing that it is all about gaining good ranks in Google while some lay...

  • Digital Marketing

    We are totally aware of the fact that only organic SEO will not get you the position you deserve. You have to launch successful PPC campaigns...

  • Social Media Optimization

    In the face of a digital era, you will seldom find a person who isn't there in any one of the social media sites like Google+, Facebook...

  • Content Writing Services

    Content is the king of all digital marketing strategies and we provide 100% plagiarism free quality content for your websites...



Why Us?

You might be wondering what it is that we can do while others cannot? Right, well, go through the following points to know:

1. Careful analysis of your website to identify its strength and weaknesses

2. Enhancing the strength factors and minimizing the weaknesses with the help of top grade SEO strategies.

3. Finding loopholes in your existing marketing campaigns and filling up the gaps improve its performance.

4. Maximum utilization of the social media to reach your audience

5. Blogging and promoting your products/services in the World Wide web

6. Improving your website’s overall performance by redesigning and redeveloping strategies.

7. Being punctual and providing first rate services on time.

Our SEO process

As mentioned before, the SEO process at Digitized Ecommerce is not only focused on rankings but also on the overall performance of your website aka the primary tool for your online business. We employ both on-page and off-page SEO to enhance your performance in the search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

Our off page SEO strategies like content marketing, blogging, forum posting increase global awareness regarding your products/services and drive more and more visitors to your website. And the on page optimization techniques like meta title optimization, meta description and product descriptions with relevant keywords helps to retain those visitors and convert them into potential customers.

All in all, we have a different approach to enhance your rankings and give you a good business online. You will enjoy the fun ride as well and our web analysts will keep you informed about the improvements on Google and other search engines. So sign up for the joy ride at Digitized Ecommerce and enjoy the smooth ascend of your online business.